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Elastomer Fatigue Property Mapping

Fatigue analysis of elastomers is famously tricky but it doesn’t have to be. The Fatigue Property MappingTM family of characterization protocols systematically measures the factors that govern durability. The result is a set of engineering parameters that are ready to use with durability simulation codes such as Endurica CLTM. It’s a powerful and efficient way to see how your rubber part endures under realistic operating conditions. Pick the modules you need to get just the right physics into your analysis.

World class elastomeric material testing lab with Finite Element Analysis and Fatigue Life Calculations : Testing to Simulations Correlations Service

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Stress-Strain Behavior


Hyperelastic Module (-40°C<T<150°C)

  • Required as a prerequisite to Finite Element Analysis, lab ambient temperature
  • one temperature between -40°C and 150°C



  • simple tension, slow cyclic loading, raw data
  • planar tension, slow cyclic loading, raw data
  • biaxial tension, slow cyclic loading, raw data

Analysis and Reporting

  • Identification of a suitable hyperelastic function and parameters for FEA
  • Identification of parameters for specifying Mullins effect in ABAQUS, ANSYS or MARC
  • Unit cube validation and stability check