Excellence in Metal Forming Process and Optimisation

Our Team brings more than 200 man years of experience in Tool Design, Simulation & Optimization and Manufacturing of Sheetmetal Components.  We have the state-of-the art simulation capabilities and software to perform formability analysis, spring back verification, forming defect prediction, tool life estimation and process optimization.

Tool and Die Design
  • Stamping Dies Design
    • Single stage
    • Multi stage
    • Compound
    • Combination
    • Fine-Blanking
  • Strip Layout Optimization
  • Cutting & Non – Cutting Tools
  • Jig and Fixtures Design
  • Tool Life Estimation & Optimization
  • Tool Wear Estimation
  • Tool Bending Simulation
Tool/Component Manufacturing
  • NC Programming for required machine
  • Prototype Manufacturing
  • Jigs & Fixture Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing of Tool & Dies with designed life
  • Tool & Die Tryout, Proving & Qualifying
  • Component Manufacturing & Supply
Failure Analysis
  • Die & Part Failure Investigation
  • Material Investigation
  • Process Investigation
  • Defect Prediction – Crack, Splitting, Thinning, Wrinkling, Dent Resistance..etc
Sheetmeetal Design, Analysis & Optimization
  • Sheet Forming Simulation
  • Forming Limit Diagram(FLD)
  • Formability Verification
  • Defect Prediction – Crack, Splitting, Thinning, Wrinkling, Dent Resistance..etc
  • Spring back Prediction
  • Forming & Holding Force Prediction
  • Contact Force Calculation & Contact Map Visualization
  • Material Flow Evaluation
  • Shock Line Evaluation
  • Trim Line Evaluation
  • Initial Blank Size Evaluation
  • Fatigue Life Assessment
  • Sheetmetal Forming Parameter Optimization


We have a pool of experts with decades of experience in designing the Sheetmetal component to process development to manufacturing of tool and dies. Our combines experience supports customers not only at design level but also at the shopfloor level with the state-of-the art simulation software’s.


Frequently Asked Questions

Still open questions?

Yes, We can design and optimise the progressive dies for a given product and shopfloor requirements.

Our team brings more than 200 man years of experience and designed 120+ press tools, manufactured 40+ dies and served 30+ customers.

If you are worried about the designing an Sheetmetal component, or getting defect in current process or design, or you want to convert the facility to progressive dies; contact info@dhioresearch.com – our technical experts will support and serve you.

Yes, We provide the services for all manufacturing process ; each process has a team with design to shopfloor experience

Yes, we provide training on press tool design, simulation and shopfloor machines, process and quality improvement ; mail to training@dhioresearch.com