Tool and Die Design, Manufacturing

Die Casting & Plastic Injection Moulding

DHIO has a team of experts with decades of experience in Tool & Die Design, Process & CAE Simulation, Materials & Metallurgy and Tool Life Estimation/Failure Studies for Die Casting and Plastic Injection Moulding.


  •  Die design for HPDC, GDC, Plastic injection (Thermo set and Thermoplastic) & Stamping Dies
  •  Product Design in line to fit, function, Tool engineering, Machining and Process Feasibilities
  •  Die Casting/ Moulding Process Simulation
  •  Finite Element Analysis to study the Thermal Stress, Structural Strength, Wear
  •  Fatigue Life Assessment of Dies and Failure Studies
  •  Material and Metallurgy Studies
  •  Heat Treatment / Machining Simulation of Dies

Our Team brings is experienced in designing die casting, injection molding dies as per international standards and practices. We offer the following as services to industry

  • Thickness Analysis, Material distribution and strength evaluation
  • Die Casting – LPDC, HPDC, PDC, GDC Dies
  • Injection Molding Dies Design
  • Die Cooling Systems Design
  • Gating System Design, Over Flow Design
  • Quality & Yield Improvement
  • Die Life Improvement
  • Component Specific, Special Purpose Dies
  • Die Design Optimization
  • Die Maintenance, Operations Manual Development

Our team brings experience in Die Manufacturing and Designed, Manufactured dies from simple to complex products.

  • Die Design and Process Design 
  • Die Manufacturing As per customer requirement
  • Virtual Die Tryouts : Simulation based verification of Dies before manufacturing, Manufacturing of Optimized Die Design, Die Tryouts at Shop-floor to prove the working of Dies, Support for One batch successful production
  • Support for Tool & Die Maintenance
  • Support for Die Life Improvement
  • Investigation and rectification studies on failed tools and Dies

Die Casting & Injection molding simulations to ensure the quality and yield improvement in developed tool and die evaluation

  • Gating Design : Materials, Metallurgy,Machine Selection, In-gate Design& Evaluation, Filling time Evaluation, Plunger Evaluation,Filling Ratio Evaluation, Section Thickness Analysis, Shot Sleeve Analysis
  • Casting Simulation :  [Flow, Solidification, Heat Stress] to predict the Velocity, Pressure, flow pattern, Shrinkage, Porosity, blow holes,gating design optimization, cycle time optimization, yield & quality improvment
  • Injection Molding Simulation : to predict the warpage, Air trap, Degradation, Unbalanced gate contribution, Weld line, filling time, solidification time estimation


We have a pool of experts with decades of experience in die design, analysis and manufacturing of dies. We bring the Unique value proposition to our customers – by working at shopfloor with your team in a collaborative mode to ensure that you get the best results at shopfloor.

We have designed simple to complex tools and dies for automotive, aerospace, medical, consumer goods and general engineering companies; We provide end-to-end services to our customers.

We engage with our customer on joint exploration of new technologies, new materials, new process, life calculations, thermal management. Start a project with us.