What is Moldex3D Plastic Molding

The leading true-3D molding simulation software can be applied in a wide range of plastic molding processes. We can predict potential manufacturing defects, validates part/mold design, lowers mold development costs, evaluates manufacturability, shortens time-to-market, and greatly increases business value.

  • One single platform to run all powerful Moldex3D simulations
  • Integrated workflow to ensure accurate meshing and modeling
  • Support multiple processes by applications.

Why You Need Moldex3D

  • Shorten cycle time and time-to-market
  • Reduce number of mold trials and manufacturing costs
  • Increase revenue and ROI
  • Minimize product defects and extend mold life

What Can Moldex3D Do


  • Predict melt front and flow patterns
  • Optimize gate locations and designs
  • Diagnose short shots, air traps, weld lines, flow imbalance, and more
  • Simulate multi-component interaction


  • Evaluate gate-freeze time
  • Avoid sink mark or flash
  • Optimize packing profile


  • Improve cooling efficiency and reduce cooling cycle
  • Predict hot spots
  • Support multiple cooling / heating system, conformal cooling and CFD


  • Foresee final part shape
  • Identify warpage causes
  • Support residual stress, anisotropic, in-mold constraint effect analysis

CAD & Mesh

  • CAD conversion & repair tool
  • Modeling Capability
  • Powerful automatic & customized meshing technology

Advanced Analysis

  • Machine Response & Plastification
  • Advanced Hot Runner (AHR)
  • Stress & Viscoelasticity (VE)
  • Optics
  • In-Mold Decoration (IMD)


  • Parallel Processing (PP)
  • Remote computing
  • Windows and Linux HPC platform supported
  • Cloud-Connect: Cloud computing HPC toolkit


  • Report Wizard
  • Expert (DOE)
  • Moldex3D API

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Composite Molding - Release Composite Molding Potential

Moldex3D provides various realistic 3D simulation solutions for the composite molding process, such as short & long fiber injection molding, SMC/BMC/GMT/D-LFT compression molding, various RTM (Vacuum RTM, High Pressure RTM, Wet RTM) and Hybrid molding, etc.

Fiber Orientation Prediction

  • Visualize fiber orientation, length, and distribution inside fiber-reinforced plastics.
  • Evaluate the filler effect to mechanical properties and final shrinkage
  • Optimize process conditions to enhance the part strength.
  • Support short, long, flat fiber and flake orientation simulation.

Resin Transfer Molding

  • Visualize fiber orientation, length, and distribution inside fiber-reinforced plastics.
  • Evaluate the filler effect to mechanical properties and final shrinkage
  • Optimize process conditions to enhance the part strength.
  • Support short, long, flat fiber and flake orientation simulation.

SMC/BMC/GMT/D-LFT Compression Molding

  • Visualize dynamic melt flow advancement during compression molding process.
  • Evaluate chopped fiber orientation prediction, compression force response and anisotropic warpage result for SMC/BMC/GMT/D-LFT compression molding.
  • Predict potential molding defects, such as flashing.

Material Characterization

  • Evaluate curing kinetics under temperature variations.
  • Evaluate viscoelastic properties, chemical shrinkage and thermal expansion effect.
  • Evaluate the permeability and porosity of fabric layer.

FEA /Micromechanics Interface

  • Export fiber orientation, anisotropic mechanical property, stress and pressure simulation results to structural analysis software.
  • Validate the structural performance of products and mold sustainability.

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IC Packaging : Encapsulation Innovation

Plastic Chip Encapsulation is a molding process where chips are being capsulated with Epoxy Molding Compound (EMC) or Liquid Molding Compound (LMC) to prevent physical damage or corrosion. This process contains the interconnection between microchips and other electronics (so-called wire bonding), curing phenomenon of thermoset material, and various control management of process conditions. Due to the complexity of multiple material components, many challenges and uncertainty have been brought to the Chip Encapsulation process. Common defects include incomplete fill, air traps, voids, wire sweep, paddle shift, package warpage, etc.

What Moldex3D Can Do

Moldex3D IC Packaging helps chip designers to fully analyze the chip encapsulation process from filling, curing, cooling, to advanced manufacturing demands, such as wire sweep, die shift, filler concentration, underfill encapsulation, post-molding curing, stress distribution, or structural evaluation. Significant molding problems can be predicted and solved upfront, which helps engineers enhance chip quality and prevent potential defects more efficiently. The accurate simulation also helps design optimization and well cost management.

Evaluate Chip Layout with Flow Pattern

  • Gate and runner design evaluation
  • Chip layout & Flow balance optimization
  • Air trap prediction

Structure Validation

  • Wire sweep, chip deformation and paddle/die shift prediction via fluid-structure interaction
  • Structural performance co-simulate with ANSYS and Abaqus

Predict the Effects of Process Variation

  • Production simulation based on real processes condition
  • Predict warpage based on material property and process
  • Temperature, conversion and stress distribution are visualized

Post Mold Cure Warpage Simulation

  • Visualize stress relaxation and chemical shrinkage
  • Predict deformation with post mold cure process via temperature, conversion and stress distributions simulation

Advanced Material Property Measurement for Accurate Simulation

  • Measure curing kinetics, viscosity, viscoelastic properties for flow simulation
  • Determine viscoelasticity stress relaxation, chemical shrinkage and thermal expansion effect for warpage prediction

Moldex3D provides specific process solutions for IC packaging.

Transfer Molding & Molded Underfill Simulation

  • Optimize the gate and runner designs and Visualize filling and curing processes
  • Predict potential molding defects like void location and short shot
  • Calculate the pressure drop inside the air zone to optimize the air vent design
  • Evaluate the process conditions and material properties to reduce cycle time

Compression Molding & Embedded Wafer Level Packaging Simulation

  • Visualize dynamic melt flow front during compression molding process
  • Evaluate warpage, shear stress distribution and die shift for Fan-out package

Capillary Underfill Simulation

  • Visualize capillary-force-induced filling behavior with different surface tension and contact angle
  • Evaluate the flow effects due to  bump pitch and bump pattern
  • Optimize the dispensing setting for capillary Underfill process


  • More realistic and detailed visualization of dispenser pass and feeding (potting & dotting)
  • Full physical model applied to simulate surface tension induced behaviors such as creeping
  • User-friendly modeling tools and setting UI for a variety of process designs

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Moldex3D Machine Characterization service plays an important role by creating digital twins for smart manufacturing. The service bridges the gap between simulation and production by incorporating CAE simulation with physical characteristics and dynamic responses of actual molding machines. Through this service, optimized process conditions generated by Moldex3D simulation can be directly applied to shop floor to significantly reduce the time and cost of mold tryouts.

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