A composite is a structural material that consists of two or more combined constituents of materials that are combined at a macroscopic level and are not soluble in each other. One constituent material is called the reinforcing phase and the one in which it is embedded is called the matrix. The reinforcing phase material may be in the form of fibers, particles, or flakes. The matrix phase materials are generally continuous. Now a days many products use composite components or structures, taking advantage of the increased structural strength and stiffness to weight ratios, simpler manufacturing process or more innovative design capability that composites bring. Composite material properties, mechanical behaviour and manufacture aspects differ from that of the conventional materials. Hence one should have the basic knowledge of their constituent’s mechanical behaviour, mechanics, failures, manufacturing methods and its applications in different field.

What Will You Learn?

  • Fundamentals of Composite Materials
  • Mechanics of Composite Materials
  • Micro, Macro Analysis
  • Multiscale Material Modeling & Homogenization Analysis
  • Linear and Nonlinear Material Property development

Topics Covered

  1. Introduction to Composite Materials
  2. Macro Mechanical Analysis of Lamina
  3. Micro Mechanical Analysis of Lamina
  4. Macro Mechanical Analysis of Laminate
  5. Fundamentals of Homogenization Analysis
  6. Practical Sessions to predict the linear material properties
  7. Practical Sessions to predict the non-linear material properties

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