Success is riding on your compound. But how do you check durability? Don’t leave your compound’s fatigue behavior uncharted… Our characterization service offers the following test modules for probing each of the behaviors that govern your material’s fatigue performance.

Whether you seek higher durability, or lower cost without compromising durability, Endurica’s Fatigue Property Mapping™ service offers you a comprehensive inventory of the fatigue capabilities of your material. How do you check durability? Endurica’s Fatigue Property Mapping services. Get durability right in your development and analysis projects with our uniquely efficient, reliable, and physics-based testing protocols.

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WoD 1 – What Tests Should You Run to Predict Elastomer Fatigue?


See they physical tests that provide the engineering parameters governing fatigue failure. Then watch these parameters being entered into Endurica’s durability simulation software so you can see how rubber parts endure under realistic operating conditions. Endurica founder Dr. Will Mars and Axel Physical Testing Services founder Kurt Miller show how providing your people with the right information will help you move your entire operation forward.

Link to watch : What Tests Should You Run to Predict Elastomer Fatigue? (