Super-elastic multi-scale analysis of tire

Recommended for the following

  • Considering the structural analysis with a fiber-reinforced rubber
  • Currently having trouble because material properties of the composite material is unknown
  • Want to evaluate the response of the microstructure of the fiber-reinforced rubber

Performing a multi-scale analysis on a tire which is made of clusters of fiber-reinforced composite material with rubber as the matrix. The actual tire model contains a more complex structure, however, only bead (refer to Figure 1) and carcass parts will be targeted for homogenization.

Analysis Model

Analysis Results

Structural analysis of micro and macro model from numerical material test results

Homogenizing the result calculated in the numerical material test, and evaluating the structure in macro model (tire). In addition, evaluating a detailed response in the micro model by performing a localized analysis.

The strain stress of the bead part which is obtained by numerical material test

Evaluating the relationship between elongation and load upon applying a load in various directions.

Identification of material model from the numerical material test

Solid line in Figure 2 is the result that CMAS has identified as the material model automatically based on the results obtained from the numerical material test. Passing the information of this identified model to the tire which is a macro model.

※The same procedure as above will be used to model the carcass part. Here, it is omitted.

Analysis Types