Digital Twin Prevents Drain on Battery Pack Simulation Time

By Azita Soleymani,
Director, Electronic Cooling Solutions, Santa Clara, U.S.A.

The global shift to electric vehicles (EVs) is coming, and unless alternative technology emerges, it will be fueled by high-capacity lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries.

Making the hundreds of millions of Li-ion batteries the world will eventually need for electric mobility is a massive undertaking full of technical challenges. Concerns about battery pack size, weight, cost and sustainability have to be resolved before there can be a mass rollout of “green” cars. So do issues about battery life span and safety, which can be affected by thermal conditions. Among other benefits, regulating cell and battery pack temperature within a given range can increase the number of cycles a battery can achieve, making performance more dependable. More important, an effective thermal management solution can reduce the possibility of catastrophic battery failure.

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Digital Twin Prevents Drain on Battery Pack Simulation Time | Ansys

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