Particleworks : Meshfree CFD Software for Evaluating Behavior of Liquids such as Water and Oil

MPS, the Moving Particle Simulation Method developed by Prof. Seiichi Koshizuka of the University of Tokyo, the Co-founder and the External Board Member of Prometech Software, Inc. can handle free surface and incompressible flows.

No need to set the analysis region in advance. The particles themselves represent the flow of fluid. This is optimal for tracking conditions where fluid droplets are widely scattered.

Easily modeling of the fluid parts with CAD data of the walls, even for containers and piping of complex shapes. Only the initial particle spacing needs to be specified. Particles are evenly distributed according to the specified spacing.

​No abnormal termination and mesh collapsing issues.

This webinar will demonstrate an Case study of Gearbox – Oil Lubrication Simulation & Aeration Analysis using Particleworks