Webinar on Material Modeling of Polymer Composites & Mechanical Property Development using J-OCTA – Integrated Simulation Platform for Material Modeling and Simulation.

J-OCTA is useful at the forefront of material research and development

J-OCTA is a material property analysis software that predicts material properties from atomic scale to micrometer scale on a computer when developing a wide range of materials such as rubber, plastics, thin films, paints and electrolytes. It can be used as a knowledge discovery tool to understand complicated phenomena and physical properties which could not be grasped only by experiment results. We will support state-of-the-art material design and material development by linking and operating simulators corresponding to each scale on a common platform.

The webinar will focus on

  1. Introduction to J-OCTA Material Modeling Platform
  2. Fundamentals of Molecular Dynamics Simulation
  3. Force Field Calculations / Density function theory introduction
  4. Modeling of Monomers, Polymers
  5. Modeling of Polymeric Composites
  6. Mechanical Property Development for Polymeric Composites (Stress-Strain Curve)
  7. Knowledge sharing on other applications – Multiscale Modeling of Polymeric Composites



Dr. Janardhan H L

Team Lead – Material Research



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