Webinar on Heat Treatment Simulation – Process Modelling, Metallurgy, Residual Stress, Distortion

The webinar on Heat Treatment Simulation – Process Modelling, Metallurgy, Residual Stress and Distortion Prediction using DANTE Software.

DANTE® is the State-of-the-Art in heat treatment simulation software, promoting improved component and process design in heat treatment

DANTE has been verified for a wide variety of complex real-life heat treatment applications. A powerful and versatile design tool, DANTE provides valuable insight to your heat-treating process.

General Topics Covered in the Webinar

  • Introduction to Modelling Heat Treatment Process
  • Carburizing Process – Optimise Carburizing Process, Carbon Profiles of conventional gas, plasma, and vacuum carburizing processes.
  • Residual Stress Prediction – How to predict heat treatment residual stress and controlling residual stress
  • Distortion – Prediction of distortion levels, effect of distortion on product / process design
  • Microstructure – Prediction of Microstructure during the heat treatment process
  • Hardness – Prediction of Hardness and its sensitivity with heat treatment process
  • Temperature – Effect of temperature in heating, cooling, tempering cycles and respective stress, distortion, microstructure, and hardness.
  • Nitriding – Simulation of Nitriding process.


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