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DHIO Research worked with OEMs, Tier-1, (and lower) suppliers of auto/aero/general engineering industry in collaborative engineering services, research and development in Design (3D, 2D, drafting), analysis (FEA/ CAE/DOE/, and process modeling (of manufacturing processes).

DHIO has a team of experts with FEA Analysts, Metallurgists, Manufacturing Process Experts, Optimisation Specialist and Tool & Die Designers with decades of experience  in  complex engineering Simulation based services  in product/process/ material design, redesign, engineering reverse engineering, analysis and optimization to save money, material and time.

DHIO is conducting a variety of analysis for  industry covering the interaction of thermal, stress, and material effects.

The objective of the analysis have been:
1. Re-design of the component / system
2. Analysis (for failure or redesign) of the system
3. Inducting new material for the design
4. Process re-engineering
5. Development of analysis / certification / virtual proofing procedures.

We provide Services and Support in

  • CAD, Meshing, FEA Services
  • Structural Dynamics, Kinematics, Multi-Disciplinary Optimization
  • Life Calculations : Fatigue, Durability, Fracture Mechanics/Crack Growth Simulation
  • Vibration, Dynamics, NVH, Seismic Analysis
  • Impact, Drop, Large Displacement, Large Deflection Studies
  • Nonlinear Transient Thermal/Heat Transfer Studies
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics – System, Subsystem, Component Level
  • Manufacturing Process Simulation (Casting/Forging/Rolling/Welding/Heat treatment)
  • Electro-Mechanical & Electromagnetic Analysis
  • Antenna Design/PCB Design/EMI/EMC Evaluation
Linear & Nonlinear Analysis
  •  Computation of Stress, Strain, Displacement, Deflection
  •  Computation of Material Behavior
  •  Computation of structural behavior under specified loading
  •  Buckling Analysis, Modal Analysis, Eigen Value Analysis

Non Linear

  •  Computation of Material, Geometry & Boundary Condition Non Linearity
  •  Structural, Material Failure Analysis
  •  Large Deformation, Deflection Analysis
  •  Bulk Metal Forming Simulations
  •  Contact, Impact, Crash Analysis
  •  Isotropic, Anisotropic, Orthotropic Material Evaluation and Constitutive Model Development
  •  Elastic, Plastic, Elasto-Plastic, Hyper elastic, Visco – Elastic Evaluation
  •  Porous Material Modeling
Static & Dynamic Analysis

Linear Static Analysis

  •  Modal Analysis
  •  Eigen Value Analysis
  •  Buckling Analysis

Dynamic Analysis

  •  Time Response Analysis
  •  Frequency Response Analysis
  •  Secondary spectral response analysis
  •  Moving Load Analysis
  •  Code Evaluation for Static & Dynamic behavior of the structure

    - ASME Code
- Euro Code
- IRS/Structural Code

Heat Transfer Analysis
  • Steady State/Transient/Pulsed Thermal Analysis
  • Thermal Evaluation of the System
  • Prediction of Cooling and Heating Rates
  • Prediction of Thermal Cracks
  • Prediction Of HTC, Heat Flux between the boundary
  • Coupled Structural – Thermal Analysis
Contact / Impact / Crash Analysis
  • Evaluation of different contact parameters based on line Line, Surface, Solid Contact Surfaces
  • Wear Simulation to predict :
    •  Wear Rate
    •  Percentage of Damage
    •  Strain Rates V/S time
  •  Structural & Thermal Contacts
  •  Evaluation of Contact Parameters
    • Friction,
    • Type of Contact
    •  Effect of Lubrication
  •  Contact Failure Analysis
  •  Time Dependent Non Linear Contact Simulations
  •  Impact Analysis
    • Low Velocity Impact
    • High Velocity impact
  •  Drop Test Simulation
  •  Crash Simulation – Strain Energy, Level of Impact

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We offer our expertise to synergize with YOUR design/engineering/R&D Groups to provide the design/process/engineering services

faster, better and economical

Collaborative Engineering Team with experienced
– FEA Analysts
– Metallurgists
– Material Experts
– Tool & Die Design Experts
– Process Development & Optimization Experts

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