Better Quality and Better Properties

End-to-End technical support services for Heat Treatment Process – Process, Metallurgy and Mechanical Properties achievement; Our expert team brings more than 200 man years of experience in solving complex heat treatment problems  problem process design to shopfloor implementation. Our combined experience of theory, simulation and practical implementation has helped various customer to achieve the required results at shopfloor.

We can be your partner – in heat treatment process design stage to post heat treatment problems.

Quenching tank design
  • Better agitation & Fluid flow
  • Better Cooling curves
  • Better heat extraction
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Tank Life Assessment
Computational Modeling of Heat Treatment
  • CFD, Conjugate Heat Transfer Studies
  • FEM : Stress, Strain, Fatigue Life Assessment
  • Furnace evaluation and modeling
  • Thermal profile during quenching
Metallurgical and Mechanical Properties
  • Phase transformations during heat treating
  • Metallurgical sources of stress and distortion during heating and cooling
  • Effect of materials and quench-process design on distortion and cracking
  • Effect  of  cooling  characteristics  on  residual stress and distortion
  • Methods of minimizing distortion
  • Tempering
  • Effect of the heat treatment process on micro-structure/property-related   failures,   such as cracking
Induction Hardening
  • Coil design
  • Case depth evaluation
  • Hardness
  • Optimisation of IH parameters
Vacuum Heat Treating
  • Tank Design
  • Process Design
  • Temperature Distribution
  • Hardness, Microstructure
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics Studies
  • Mechanical Properties Optimisation

Combining Design, Metallurgy and Shopfloor Experience

Through our interdisciplinary nature of work and state-of-the-art technology, we are able to cater best of the services to industry from process design, defect elimination and optimising the heat treating parameters, process development for new materials, new products has helped our customers to achieve the results in remarkably shorter time and with better quality.

Our  collaborative engineering method of working ensures the knowledge transfer to customer; hence it creates an better impact in achieving the results with fullest understanding of what is required and what is being done.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still open questions?

Our quench test probe allows you to calculate the cooling characteristics for different materials or metallurgy or quenchant’s and helps to tabulate the variation.

Yes It is possible! Our interdisciplinary team is capable of performing integrated simulation of Thermal + Mechanical + Metallurgical + Fluid Dynamics of Heat Treating Process; which helps in predicting the residual stress induced during the heat treatment process and also distortion levels.

Yes, it is possible !  to reduce the rejections by testing the quanchant quality in advance before the actual quenching process using our quench probe. Prepare the effective quenching process to meet your technical delivery condition in advance.

It is important to understand the quanchant cooling characteristics and also predicting the cooling rate variation from surface to core. This can be achieved by Heat Treatment simulation and testing actual material with varying the quanchant properties.

We supply Quenchant quality  testing equipment, Heat Treatment Simulation software, Training and Consultancy/Technical Support.