Move from Traditional CFD Approach to New Generation CFD Technology

FlowVision™ computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation software offers unparalleled capabilities that can be used to design and optimize new products. FlowVision helps end-users analyze flow, turbulence, and pressure distribution of liquids and gases and their interaction with structures. This advanced software solution finds wide applications in industries such as Automotive, Aerospace, Defense, Electronics, and Energy. FlowVision’s unique capabilities allow extremely complex simulations such as those required for medical research on the human heart (Living Heart Project / SIMULIA Dassault Systems).

Whatever you are analyzing, FlowVision’s fluid dynamics give you valuable insight into your product’s performance and in its category, it delivers the most realistic and accurate simulation available on the market. FlowVision is a fully integrated software application for complex CFD analysis involving multi-phase, fluid-structure-interaction, moving objects, free surface, complex geometries and much more.

FlowVision differs from the other CFD products by closely integrating both traditional mesh and solver modules.

It features automatic meshing which significantly eliminates manual work and speeds up the entire analysis process. FlowVision’s state-of-the-art multi-processor solver performs all simulations quickly and accurately.FlowVision accepts dynamic geometry movement and change, users can achieve automated shape optimization. Capvidia’s different approach to CFD positions FlowVision as the ideal validation tool even when experimental data is unavailable or too expensive to obtain.

Faster and Automatic GRID GENERATION

One solver for All Mach Numbers 

Multi-physics Fluid-Structure Interaction

Volume of Fluid [VOF] method

High Performance Computing

Multi Disciplinary Optimization

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New Generation Revolutionary CFD

Yes! It’s Right Time!

  • FlowVision helps to overcome the time consuming traditional CFD approach to FASTER, ACCURATE and Realistic CFD Simulations. Simulate your products today ! experience the  CFD simulation without simplification of geometry and with real multiphysics
  • Faster and Automatic GRID GENERATION and adaptation to geometry, moving bodies and to solutions
  • Faster & Easy replacement of Geometries
  • Intelligent  & Automatic Generation Gap Cell for SMALLER CLEARANCES
  • One solver for all Mach numbers
  • Free the objects! Moving Bodies
  • Advanced VOF method
  • Seamless Integrated Fluid Structure Interaction & Multiphysics
  • Simulation Time/Scalability FlowVision HPC