Excellence in Metal Forming Simulation

AFDEX is a general-purpose metal forming simulator, which meets the following requirements for intelligent bulk-metal- forming (BMF) simulation (BMFS):

  • Solutions should be accurate, and volume loss or change due to the numerical schemes and procedures should be minimized and acceptable.
  • Intelligent meshing or remeshing capabilities should minimize solution inaccuracies during remeshing and smoothing state variables.
  • Optimized or adaptive meshing density capabilities should be adopted to obtain a solution within a reasonable computational time and without solution inaccuracy. Also, one should be able to successfully mesh complex geometries.
  • Characteristic boundaries (or edges) and workpiece-die interface boundaries should be accurately traced during simulation and remeshing to minimize changes in the boundary value problem due to remeshing.
  • Multi-stage BMF processes (especially multi-stage forging processes) should be simulated automatically to reduce the total simulation time (including both computational time and user processing time between the stages).
  • The simulator should be convenient and user friendly.

Material identification

Forging Simulation

Multi-stage forging

Deep piercing

Die Structural Analysis

Radial forging

Cross wedge rolling

Extrusion and Drawing

Sheet forming

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Metal Forming Simulation

MFRC has unceasingly developed the metal forming simulator of AFDEX, standing for Advisor for metal Forming process Design EXperts, based on rigid-elastothermoviscoplastic finite element method with intelligent remeshing technology embedded.

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