Welcome to Dhio Research!

DHIO Research & Engineering Pvt Ltd., is a Collaborative Engineering Services and R&D Company based in Bangalore India.

DHIO has an experienced pool of experts, engineers and scientists with decades of domain experience and expertise in applying state of the art simulation technology to in advanced Computer Aided Engineering Design, Analysis, Life Estimation and Optimisation Knowledge. DHIO Extends its support to Auto, Aero, Power plant, Chemical Processing, Railways and General Engineering Companies to achieve complex engineering simulation needs in product/process/material design, redesign, engineering, reverse engineering, analysis and optimisation to save money, material and time.


DHIO Service Portfolio

  • CAD, Meshing, Advanced Pre and Post Processing
  • FEA Studies – Structural Linear/Nonlinear/Static/Dynamic Analysis
  • Crash, Impact Simulation
  • Vibration, Dynamics, Acoustic, Seismic, Code Evaluation
  • Life Calculations – Fatigue, Durability
  • Thermal and Heat Transfer Studies
  • Multi Body Dynamic Simulation
  • Multi-Disciplinary Optimization
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Thermal Fluid Network Simulation
  • Manufacturing Process Simulation
  • Electronic Cooling Simulation
  • EMI/EMC Evaluation and Certification
  • Chemical Kinetics Simulation

Technology transfer

DHIO – technology transfer division has a wealth of knowledge in selling CAE products and supplying technical support to customers that are solving highly complex simulations. DHIO’s technical knowledge and understanding of CAE domain has helped customers to achieve the best results in shortest lead time by using state of the art technology tools.

DHIO – training division supports working professionals, students and faculty members to adopt advanced software and technology knowledge. DHIO has unique courses designed for different level of engineers and covers theory + practical + projects and internship program to enhance the skills and experience.

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