We are pleased to announce that a new version of PASS/HYDROSYSTEM, comprehensive software for piping hydraulic & thermal analysis, is released.

PASS/HYDROSYSTEM 4.4 contains significant improvements, including the following:

  • A new 4Q Suter curves-based model of centrifugal pumps for waterhammer analysis;
  • Upstream analysis of unbranched pipelines with choked flow and complete vaporization or condensation;
  • Easy access to Simulis Thermodynamic properties and phase equilibrium calculator (with all thermodynamic model fine tuning) from program user interface;
  • Group editing of branches parameters (diameters, temperatures, etc.) and piping elements properties (location, soil, thermal insulation, etc.);
  • Dynamic view of the parameters selection process which allows to evaluate the progress and convergence of the calculation, and interrupt calculation process if necessary.

To learn more about PASS/HYDROSYSTEM 4.4, visit Knowledge Base and watch recording of What’s New in PASS/HYDROSYSTEM 4.4 webinar.

We recommend all customers with active Support to download the latest version

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